How to Create Your Personal Income Statement

How to Create Your Personal Income Statement

A personal income statement is much like an income statement businesses use in their financial reporting practices.income statement

Before we tell you how to create your personal income statement, let us first define the term income statement.

An income statement is a financial statement used to calculate the profitability of a company or entity for a specific period. Whether it be monthly, quarterly or annually.

A company’s profitability is calculated using the following equation:

Net Income = Income – Expenses

If a company’s expenses are greater than its income, the company reports they have made a net loss.

Net Loss = 10,000 – 20,000 = (10,000)

To create a personal income statement, you simply list your sources of income (salary, dividends, interest, other income) and your expenses (rent, utilities, food, gas) and deduct your total income from your total expenses.

The aim of every household should be to make a profit. The profits you make could be used to generate more income for your family.

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