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Healthy Ways to Treat Yourself

You have achieved your weight goal. Way to go! You just found out about your job promotion. Congratulations!  You just got of debt. What an achievement! How does one celebrate one’s victories? Wisely and prudently of course. For example, an increase in salary does not automatically mean an increase in lifestyle. Think about it. There are healthy ways in which you can treat yourself without having to break the bank or swipe your credit card. Here’s how: Gift Cards – The wonderful thing about gift cards is [...]

The Role of the Financial Planner

Many have been scarred by unfortunate experiences with financial planners.   Some have had run ins with financial planners who only sought to get a cut from their financial gain. Some have been on the receiving end of bad financial advice. But, there are financial planners who keep their clients’ best interests in mind. They seek to provide the most excellent service to those who come through their doors. They tend to possess a strong work ethic. To correct the erred view of financial [...]

Recovering From Financial Disappointment

Who likes to fail? Let’s see the hands of those who like to lose!  We are all driven by the innate desire to succeed. Because if we win, we feel good. If we win, we know we’re good. But then there are times in life where we will experience disappointment. Sometimes things don’t go our way or turn out the way we want, especially when it comes to our finances. I have a secret to share with you. Did you know that every financial [...]

Recovering Financially from The Crop Over Festival

Whether you are a lover of the music and arts, the bands or the food, this blog is for you. We all come from different walks of life, have different tastes and just love to have a good time. There are various events this Crop Over season that will just catch our eye and compel us to go. So we will go. But after the excitement has passed, you will realise you made quite an investment into the festivities.  How do [...]