Monthly Archives - October 2013

How to Cope If You Fail

Failures are sometimes not the easiest defeats to get over. They can take a toll on us physically and emotionally.  If we are not careful, feelings of despair can come on pretty strongly and result in feelings of hopelessness. But to combat hopelessness, we have four simple ways of coping: Forgive yourself – Don’t be so hard on yourself. We sometimes set unrealistic expectations of ourselves. We get mad and think the worst things about ourselves. If only I was smarter. How [...]

What If You Need a Plan B

Life happens.  We don’t go planning for delays or setbacks, but they do occur. Let’s say you and your family were planning a vacation for over a year. You’re pretty much excited and ready to go, but you recently found out that your roof is leaking. What are you going to do? We all experience financial setbacks from time to time. We sometimes have a pity party and think we are being we are denied the opportunity to achieve Plan A. Not really. It’s much like [...]

The Importance of Planning Ahead

Is it always easy to make a plan? And to stick to it? Are we so easily daunted by the amount of tasks that comes with planning, especially when it comes to our finances? Do we wait until we have to rush to get our affairs in order? The answer is simple. Yes. To prevent the frustration and at times the anguish that comes with planning, we have a solution. Plan ahead. Planning ahead makes us better prepared. The better prepared we are, the less [...]

How To Set Goals for 2014

We’ve all heard that it’s tradition to make new year resolutions, make a plan and stick to it. Unfortunately, in most cases we don’t manage to make it past day one in the new year.    But before you become apprehensive about setting goals, we have our definitions of what a plan is and what goals are. A plan is considered a map for a journey. Goals are considered series of steps taken to reach a destination. Now that doesn’t sound half bad. The [...]