How To Set Goals for 2014

How To Set Goals for 2014

We’ve all heard that it’s tradition to make new year resolutions, make a plan and stick to it.

Unfortunately, in most cases we don’t manage to make it past day one in the new year.   goals

But before you become apprehensive about setting goals, we have our definitions of what a plan is and what goals are.

A plan is considered a map for a journey. Goals are considered series of steps taken to reach a destination.

Now that doesn’t sound half bad.

The reason why we become intimidated by goals is that there is this pressure to accomplish them within a year. We become frustrated when we don’t see the results and give up instantly.

To help you in your goal setting, we have an example from our Founder of how her family sets goals.

The Plan: To Build Our Home

Goal #1: Get out of debt

Goal #2: Save money for emergencies

Goal #3: Save money for unemployment

Goal #4: Save money towards a down payment

Goal #5: Obtain a fixed rate mortgage

Goal #6: Repay the mortgage in 15 years

What’s the moral of the story?

Plans can be made, but just be aware that they won’t be accomplished in 2014, but they will be accomplished.

Break your plan down into goals and seek to accomplish it one step at a time.

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