How to Cope If You Fail

How to Cope If You Fail

Failures are sometimes not the easiest defeats to get over. They can take a toll on us physically and emotionally. Failure

If we are not careful, feelings of despair can come on pretty strongly and result in feelings of hopelessness.

But to combat hopelessness, we have four simple ways of coping:

Forgive yourself – Don’t be so hard on yourself. We sometimes set unrealistic expectations of ourselves. We get mad and think the worst things about ourselves. If only I was smarter. How could you make such a stupid decision. We tell ourselves some ugly things. But there comes a time where we need to release and quit hating on ourselves.

Acknowledge your mistakes – The sooner you acknowledge the errors made, the sooner you can correct and implement measures to prevent the same mistake. Remember, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Implement new habits – If you know you shop to make yourself feel better, it is going to take discipline to exercise restraint. It requires a new mindset. Always say to yourself, I don’t need things to make me feel better. I am not defined by the amount of things I own.

Look onward – The past is the past. Leave it behind you. Move on and quit looking at the rear view mirror.

What’s most important in coping with failure, is the support of others. You can’t cope on your own. That’s where your family, friends and mentors come in.

And if they certainly love you, they will speak the truth in love.

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