Yearly Archives - 2016

Leaving A Legacy of Independence

I am so happy to see my country Barbados arrive at a major milestone, celebrating Fifty Years of Independence! Though I have only lived to see thirty-three years of Barbados’ development, I have learnt and understood that in order to move this nation forward, you must have vision. This means the same for your personal development, that of your family and those who you lead. Early in my twenties I lacked vision. In 2005, I signed my first employment contract which guaranteed me a [...]

Tax Season is Here

It’s April and that means tax season for those of us who are sole traders (self-employed) or employees of a company. This usually means that everyone is busy number crunching, tallying and trying to find as many tax deductibles as possible to ensure a tax refund position. Changes to tax deductibles When filing for the 2015 income tax year, Barbadians will find that being in a tax refund position is more difficult to achieve. This is as a result of the [...]

Introduction of Lampy the Lighthouse

Who is Lampy the Lighthouse? Lampy the Lighthouse is our family friendly mascot!   Who created Lampy the Lighthouse? He is the creation of the Founder Melinda Belle at Astrape Finance. She saw a need to engage children in early education, in particular, financial education. She strongly believes children are never too young to learn about money.This belief led to the development of the first of an educational series, “Lampy the Lighthouse: Earning & Spending”. In this colouring book, Lampy carries children through a fun and interesting colouring [...]

50 Practical Money Tips for 2016

It’s the new year and we thought it fit to share with you some practical money tips to see you through 2016: Use the envelope system to budget your money. Simply place money into labelled envelopes and stick to using the amount allocated to each envelope. Give yourself a goal to accomplish within a year. Make sure your money goals are SMART. Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. Pay more than the minimum balance due on your credit card. It will reduce your balance [...]